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LASOLA Social and health care UAS students of Lahti ry's strategy for the years 2018-2020 was approved at the excessive meeting of the association on June 30, 2018.


The purpose of the association is to act as a bridge between social and health students at Lahti. The association acts as the educational policy advocate for its members and as a messenger between the world of work, school and student. The association supports the development of working life and professional growth of the students it represents. The purpose of the association is to promote student community and identity.



LASOLA enriches Lahti's student culture and community between students. Through its activities, the association promotes the well-being of students and supports the development of individual professional identity. The association acts as a link between student, school and working life.



Social and health care UAS students of Lahti are an organized, active community with active and professional members. There is a strong profession identity among students. The association acts as a strong influence and advocate for social and health students in the university of applied sciences community.


Sense of community

We believe in the power of communion, together our voice goes farther.



Equality in our community is strong. Students are equal, regardless of background, age or life situation.


Transparency is the cornerstone of trust. We encourage an open culture of interaction between students, school and the workfield.



Association rules

1.Name and registered office of the Association

The name of the association is LASOLA, a student of Lahti University of Applied Sciences in social and health care Association, the unofficial abbreviation of which is LASOLA. The official name of the association is English Social and Health Care Students of Lahti University of Applied Sciences. In these rules is called association. The association is based in Lahti. The official language of the association is Finnish, in external communication English is also used.

2. Purpose and quality of operation

The purpose of the association is to work in the social and health care sector at Lahti University of Applied Sciences as a link between students. The Association acts as the educational policy representative of its members and as a messenger between the world of work, school and student. The association supports its representatives the development of students' working skills and professional growth. The purpose of the association is its activities promote the community and under-identity of students. To achieve its purpose, the Association;

● actively cooperates with unit management and staff

● organize events to promote work-related awareness

● support their members in the study process

● Organize community support events alone and together with other locals with organizations

3. Supporting activities

To support its activities, the association may receive grants, donations, and wills, owns the movable and immovable property necessary for its activities, arranges for publishing and, subject to authorization, lottery, fundraising and entertainment.

4. Membership

A student of Lahti University of Applied Sciences (LAMK) can become a full member of the association a person with a lower or higher polytechnic degree in the social and health field. A Lahti Open University Polytechnic student can also become a full member. The association members are all subscribers. A private individual or a legal entity that wishes to be eligible for support can be to supporting member the purpose and activities of the association. Full members and supporting members approve at the request of the board of the association. An honorary President or honorary member may be on the proposal of the board at the meeting of the association to invite a person who is significantly promoted and supported the activities of the Association. Supporting and honorary members have initiative, presence the right to speak at association meetings, but not the right to vote. Supporters and honorary members do not may serve on the board of the association.

5. Membership fee

The amount of the membership fee for the full and supporting member of the association is decided by the association Autumn meeting always for one calendar year at a time.

6. Resignation and dismissal of a membership

A member may withdraw from the Association by giving written notice to or by the Board of the Association the President. In addition, a member may resign by notifying the association at the meeting for the record. The board of the association may dismiss a member from the association if the member has failed to fill them the obligations to which he has subscribed or are in the process of joining the association significantly harmed the association, either inside or outside the association. study upon termination, membership shall also be deemed to have ceased.

7. Board

The activities of the association are maintained by the board elected by the association's autumn meeting. Board of Directors consisting of a President and 2-8 other members and 0-4 alternates. Board activities chaired by the President. The term of office of the Board is one calendar year. The Board elects a Vice President from among its members, secretary, tresurer and other necessary staff. The board member should be full member of the association. The Board of Directors shall convene the President or, in his absence, the Vice President by invitation, when they see fit to do so, or when at least half of the board members it requires. Meetings are prepared by the President of the Board of Directors in conjunction with the Secretary. Government a quorum of at least half of its members, president or vice - president including present. Voting shall be by an absolute majority of votes. votes by the same time, the vote of the president will decide, but the election will be a lottery. Invite the government The meeting must be emailed at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting. The secretaries of the Board of Directors shall be the secretary of the association elected by the autumn meeting or his or her disqualified by another member of the board elected by the meeting. The meeting secretary prepares the meeting the minutes, which shall be signed by the inspectors of the minutes after seven (7) days meeting.

8. Writing the name of the association

The name of the association is written by the chairman, vice chairman, secretary and treasurer, always two together.

9. Accounting period

The financial year of the Association shall be the calendar year.

10. Meetings of the Association

The highest decision-making power of the Association is exercised by the General Meeting. The association holds two a year the actual meeting. The spring meeting will be held in January and May and the autumn meeting September-December. At the meetings of the Association, every ordinary member of the Association has at one voice. Unless otherwise provided, the decision of the meeting of the Association shall be taken determined, the opinion supported by more than half of the votes cast. By the votes it is the vote of the president of the meeting that decides the election, but the election is a lottery. An extraordinary meeting of the Association shall be held when deemed necessary by the Board of the Association or at the written request of at least ten voting members from the association to deal with an individual case. An extraordinary meeting shall be held within two (2) months of receipt of the request. An association meeting can be attended by a board or association meeting so also by telecommunication or other technical support.

11. Convening meetings of the Association

The Board of the Association shall convene the meetings of the Association by email at least fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting. Board meetings where only members of the Board of Directors hold attendance must be convened at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting. The Board of Directors may also grant the right to attend and speak at Board meetings outside the association.


The Association's spring meeting will address the following issues:

1. Opening of the 1st meeting

2. identify the members attending the meeting

3. the legality and quorum of the meeting are established

4. adopt its rules of procedure

5. elect a chairman, secretary, two minutes reviewers and if necessary, two counters

6. present the financial statements, the report of the Board of Directors and the auditors / auditors opinion

7. decide on the closure of the accounts and the discharge government and other accountables

8. deal with any other matters mentioned in the notice of the meeting.


The Association's Autumn Meeting will address the following issues:

Opening of the 1st meeting

2. elect the chairman, secretary, two minutes reviewers of the meeting and if necessary, two counters

3. the legality and quorum of the meeting are established

4. adopt its rules of procedure

5. approve the association's next year's action plan; and budget

6. determine the amount of the membership fee to be paid to the association

7. elect the president of the board of the association

8. elect other members and alternate members of the Association's Board of Directors.

9. elect one or two function auditors and a deputy auditor

10. deal with any other matters mentioned in the notice of the meeting.


If a member of the association wants to have something for the association's spring or autumn meeting for consideration, he shall notify the board in writing in good time of the matter may be included in the meeting notice.

12. Changing the rules and dissolving the association

The decision to change the rules and dissolve the association must be made by the association at least three-quarters (3/4) of the votes cast at the meeting. The notice of the meeting shall state any changes to the rules or dissolution of the association. In the event of dissolution of the Association, its assets shall be used to further the purpose of the Association as determined by the dissolution meeting. When the association was dissolved use its funds for the same purpose.


These rules were approved by the founding meeting of the association on April 24, 2018.


Year 2018

Lahti University of Applied Sciences social and health students LASOLA was founded on April 24, 2018. The association was founded by social and health students Katariina, Tea, Salme, Kimmo, Jenna, Milla and Janne. Before them, countless years had already been planned for the establishment of social and healthcare's own student association, but previous attempts had not been successful.

In 2018 there were big changes at Lahti University of Applied Sciences (at that time there was no LAB University of Applied Sciences). The school was moving to one campus in Mukkula in the autumn, whereas before, every area of ​​education, including social and health, was located on its own campus. We were on Hoitajankatu next to the central hospital. Because of the move, the founders of the association were worried that students' interests would be lost on the new campus if, like other areas, we did not have our own association to run our affairs, and what would happen to the magical identity, if there weren't it's own association. LASOLA was founded to solve these issues.

The first summer of the association's new board members went through chair Katariina's rigorous training, as Katariina was the founder with the most experience and was the driving force behind the association. Under the leadership of Katariina, the association prepared a strategy, action plan, budget and rules. The association received a registration in June after the Patent and Registration Board had revised its bylaws. This is why the association is named after LASOLA. The same summer, an account was opened for the association, its current graphic design with its official colors (orange, black, white, gray) was completed, a flag and a roll-up were ordered, and the first website was opened. LASOLA also signed a cooperation agreement with Tehy ry. Everything was ready for the fall, when the association was ready to receive new members.

In the fall of 2018, LASOLA moved to a new campus and everything was new. The board started the association. Many board meetings, a lot of stands and a few dinner parties were held during the fall. Ordering their own student overalls was also investigated, but they were not yet ordered. About twenty new members were received. Members of the Board participated in the STOP Social and healthcare student day in Turku. Towards the end of the year, the association held a fall meeting and the same day the first party with the theme LASOLA is the new orange. At the fall meeting, a new board of directors was elected from among the old board members, except Katariina. Two new board members, Miina and Laura, were elected.

Year 2019

The year 2019 started well, LASOLA took over for the first time the traditional freshman picnic of social- and healthcare students right at the beginning of January. The association was also active at the beginning of the year and many freshmen joined LASOLA. The number of members began to increase, being around 50 at the end of spring. Spring brought new activism as the enthusiasm for the badge and event team attracted many. In the spring, the association also organized its first earnings-related co-operation event, a market square, to which social organizations and employers were invited.


LASOLA renewed its cooperation agreement with Tehy and also created networks for other student advocates, such as Talenttia and the Nurses' Association. In addition, they took part in school's workgroups and met regularly with unit leaders. A spring meeting was held in the spring, where the board was supplemented with a secretary, Heidi. 24.4. on the 1st anniversary of the association, LASOLA hosted its second party with the theme LASOLA goes Circus. On the eve of the mayday, the association took part in the mooses' varnishing and the traditional tug-of-war between the student organizations, which LASOLA won.


The second summer of the association went quieter than the first, but the big bike started to roll in the fall. For the first time, LASOLA bought overalls that were really popular. The association gained almost 100 new members at a time and a lot of visibility. LASOLA organized another freshman picnic and was actively involved in the first few weeks with new students. During the autumn, work events and trainings were organized with LASOLA partners. LASOLA also purchased its own patches for social and health care students. In the fall, LASOLA hosted the second party of the year with the theme of the overalls to celebrate the orange overalls. The association's autumn meeting was held in November, where 6 new members were elected to the Board of Directors for 2020 and 4 of the Board members were re-elected.

Vuosi 2020

The year 2020 started with a hustle when the board was looking for sponsors for their overalls. Freshman picnic was arranged for new students at the beginning of January and traditions trade -weekend was in the middle of January, where the new board got good acquirements for their year on LASOLAs board. Active people on the event team was searched at the beginning of the year and there were a total of 8 great actives. The event team has been helping to plan and excecute LASOLA's events and also been helping at stands.


The association arranged an extra association meeting because The university of applied sciences of Lahti and Saimaa were united as LAB University of Applied Sciences and LASOLA needed to change it's name and some rules. LASOLAs new name is LASOLA Social- and healthcare UAS students of Lahti. 


LASOLA arranged the last official studentparty at Lahti at 4.3. with the theme of SICK-party, right before COVID-19 pandemic's restrictions. The restrictions affected LASOLAs actions and meetings were held online. A lot of different options were considered on how to make LASOLA  heard through the internet. LASOLA collected information on student's wellbeing during the pandemic with an inquiry at the end of April, when LASOLA's second birthday. 27.5. LASOLA arranged a Jackbox gamenight via Zoom.


The summer went calmly by waiting for the new rules to come accepted. Patent- and registrationboard accepted the new name and the new rules after a few little edits and LASOLA got to start the fall semester with a new name. The new name caused also new acquisitions like the roll-up and the flag with the new name.


LASOLAs board was asked to help get a student practice -card for sale to the students and we got it for sale at the end of June to Kide.App. Semesters freshman picnic was able to be arranged outside with a good feeling. 


The associations spring meeting was held in 19. of August because of the pandemic, where the responsibility release was granted for the 2019 board. The semester went quietly and LASOLA had a few stand dates for the overall pickup at the beginning of October. The associations fall metting was at 26.11. where the new 9 person board and 3 person aternates were chosen for 2021. 

LASOLA arranged another Jackbox gamenight 2.12., whitch had a good amount of participants. The events participants' names were collected because taking a part of the event enabled them to get a overall badge. The badges are given out to the participants at 2021. 

The last boardmeeting of 2020 was 14.12., where the 2020 boards refreshment night was descided to move to 2021 beacause of COVID-19. The new board of 2021 got their first part of their induction at 17.12. via Zoom, where the most common tasks were brougt to their knowledge from different parts of the board.